RV RONCATO designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of products for travel and everyday use to meet the requirements of all consumers looking for a product offering innovation, functionality, comfort and design.

This is made possible thanks to longstanding experience and product know-how, always strictly in Italian style. Our main goal is to meet consumer demands by researching and improving product functionality.


RV RONCATO, always characterised by cutting-edge design and highly innovative products for travel and everyday use, is on the market to meet all consumer requirements, paying special attention to its quality/price ratio. A strong passion for finely made products and a focus on design are the guiding concepts behind our company, represented by a family that has dedicated body and soul, for generations, to researching and developing its products, always employing innovative technologies. For RV RONCATO, quality is not only a value but also a modus operandi that guides all activities, thanks to “Made in Italy” production and ISO 9001 certification aimed at running and improving company processes. RV Roncato is synonymous with a passion for work, attention to details and ongoing research into the best solutions for its customers, since our most important goal is to offer you excellent products.


Superior products: Our company has always focused on products. They represent us and therefore we are highly committed to innovation, creating concrete values and highly superior quality.

Customer service: Our customers are of prime importance, therefore day after day we aim to increasingly meet their requirements by exceeding all their expectations. We compete on the market with our awareness, attention and commitment to our customers.

Respect for our staff:
We believe in the dignity and value of all individuals, therefore we appreciate the diversity of our staff, who are treated with respect and correctness. Above all, they are encouraged to think independently and produce fruitful results. Each task is important and must be done well if we want to excel in what we do. Consequently, our company provides its staff with equal opportunities for personal and professional development worldwide.

Together we are stronger and wiser, therefore we promote a culture of cooperation: enthusiasm and dedication when working together to achieve common goals. We take good care of our customers, our products, our colleagues and our company.

We need to achieve appreciable profits in order to guarantee our company a future and to be able to re-invest and create. The key to performance is ongoing improvement in all areas of our business; we must develop expertise, employ next-generation technologies and methods, and invest in training to improve clearly evident fundamental skills.

Company and social responsibility:
As we are committed to company excellence, we work to improve quality and safety for those who use our products. This commitment involves respecting and protecting the environment, as well as being commendable citizens of each community and each country where we work, contributing to global prosperity and harmony.

Our company undertakes to act with integrity, ensuring the utmost correctness when faced with moral issues. Professionalism, moral integrity and correctness are fundamental to all activities, since these are the values that represent us and which we hold most dear.